About icarusparts.com

What you need to know

Our mission: to make it easier for drivers to buy the car parts they need and get them fitted at a garage they can trust.

icarusparts.com was founded in 2016 by Joe Kibbler, an automotive industry specialist who, like many people, found the process of arranging vehicle repairs to be inconsistent and frustrating. From working in the car parts industry, it became apparent to Joe that there was a serious lack of transparency surrounding how drivers are charged for repairs; as a result of this, customers don’t often receive the service they really want or need.

Enter icarusparts.com — a new way to shop for and fit car parts. We’ve completely reinvented the way people fix or modify their car, enabling drivers to purchase parts online at a time that suits them, before easily booking in the work with a qualified mechanic they can trust. By using icarusparts.com, drivers can feel confident that they are buying the part they need and paying a price they’re happy with.

We're now living in a world where the power really is in the hands of the consumer, so why shouldn’t drivers be able to shop for car parts themselves and arrange fitting at a time convenient to them? By providing a platform that enables people to easily search for parts that suit their requirements and budget, icarusparts.com puts the customer back in the driving seat.

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