'Roadside HERO' - The Ultimate 9-in-1 Emergency Tool
The 'Roadside HERO' is a life-saving 9-in-1 multifunction tool. Whether you have broken down or are escaping from a sinking vehicle, this gadget has it all.
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‘Roadside HERO’ Prepare for the unexpected with the UK's #1 emergency product

The Roadside HERO is a 9-in-1 multi-function tool containing a belt cutter, glass breaker, hammer, compass, mounting magnet, strobe light, emergency light, powerbank and solar panel.

This simple gadget helps to remove multiple items featured in an emergency kit. As vehicles are getting older, they are more prone to breaking down. Well, the Roadside HERO may make the difference. Let’s take a more in depth look at its features:

Image showing the functions of the 'Roadside Hero'

• Flashlight – 3W and 200 lumen light has a long reach to ensure you won’t ever be stuck in the dark.

• Magnet – you can place this light under the bonnet if looking for problems, or under the wheel well whilst changing a tyre.

• Window breaker – the metal spike can be used to break a window, as well as self-defence (but please use caution with this!)

• Solar charger – the 50ma solar cell can be used to charge the Roadside HERO when other power sources are depleted.

• USB charger – plug your USB wire into the bottom of the Roadside HERO to charge your phone or tablet.

• Compass – if you need to walk for help, ensure you are heading in the right direction with the attached compass.

• Seatbelt cutter – the seatbelt may get stuck or lock its position. In these situations, it can be impossible to remove. This addition will cut through your belt quickly and free you within seconds.

• Work light – the handle illuminates white if a quick roadside repair is needed.

• SOS – the Roadside HERO also features a red SOS light, which can be used to signal for help if you’ve broken down.

Image showing the uses of the 'Roadside HERO' in disasters.

This gadget does it all. If you’re in an accident, the Roadside HERO can be the difference between life or death. It’s that simple. For more information, go to https://www.buyroadsidehero.com

(We are in no way endorsed or paid by Roadside HERO, it’s just that good that we had to write about it!)

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Rohan Anand
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