Tesla's smarter and safer software update version 9.0
Tesla's smarter and safer software update version 9.0 introduces entirely new features for Model S, Model X, and Model 3; plus App changes too.
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Tesla software update 9.0

Tesla’s system update 9 adds Atari games & a functional dash-cam Plus improvements to help the future Autopilot function

Tesla has released a smarter and safer software update version 9.0 for the Model 3, Model S and Model X.

The key change is the addition of Atari arcade games (Centipede, Lunar Lander, and Missile Command) to the car’s entertainment system. Please note: none of the games will be accessible unless the vehicle is in “Park” mode.

If your car has ‘Hardware 2.5’ and was built after August 2017, the forward-facing camera can now be used as a dash-cam. External storage with at least 1.8 GB of space will be required, which can save up to 10-minutes worth of video clips.

These cameras will also be used for the much-anticipated Autonomous driving project, allowing a full 360-degree view around the car. Tesla claims that once their Autopilot is fully released, it will even know when to move over lanes. Currently, it only operates to collect data for further research purposes.

It will now be possible to use your phone to start system updates to the car, upload navigation information and control media from the phone. The Model 3 gets an energy use monitor, a web browser and the ability to sync your phone calendar.

The update is now available to download for Tesla owners and there are further changes that can be located on the official Tesla blog.

Rohan Anand
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